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3D Printed Robots on YouMagine

In addition to Scrufie the adorable obstacle avoidance bot & the ELF AR Drone there are lots of other cool robots on YouMagine. Below we have a selection for you. Community Member AFJay made a low cost robot chassis in Blender. “This design seeks to minimize the parts count of a 3D printed robot chassis. […]

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Scrufie the adorable obstacle avoidance robot on YouMagine

In honor of our ELF VR Drone contest where you can win your own drone, I checked out some of the awesome robots on YouMagine. Rtheiss’ S.C.R.U.-F.E. is a “Simple C++ Robot with Ultrasonic-sensor” is a maze avoidance robot got printed when his, “two year old daughter fell in love with an old ultrasonic robot that I […]

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