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Shared on YouMagine – Penrose P2 tiles by Juan Gonzalez-Gomez

Penrose P2 tiles by Juan Gonzalez Gomez

Modular robotics researcher Juan Gonzalez-Gomez shared a parametric set of Penrose P2 tilings he created in FreeCAD. Check out the video of his research assistant, six year old daughter Alicia, testing the accuracy of his project below. 😉

Shared On YouMaginePenrose P2 tiles by Juan Gonzalez-Gomez:

Only two Penrose tiles are needed for creating a non-periodic tiling. The tiles have been designed in Freecad, and they are parametric. Just open the Parameters spreadsheet (in freecad), change the parameters, generate the STL and print them. Examples of tiles with 30mm and 40mm side have been already generated and ready for printing and testing

The source code (Freecad) is available at this github repo.
Find more documentation (in Spanish) in this github wiki.
Have fun tiling the plane!

Tessellate the plane

Building tile in freecad

Tesselation example

Visit this design on YouMagine.com!