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Shared On YouMagine — Simple Camera Slider by Daniel Norée

Daniel Norée, instigator behind the popular OpenR/C Project, shared a down-and-dirty camera slider that is outfitted with pockets for Lego motor mounts for LEGO Mindstorm camera automation! Shared On YouMagine — Simple Camera Slider by Daniel Norée: I needed a simple camera slider and so I made one. This is basically a quick´n dirty design […]

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Out-of-the-box upgrades: Z-Unlimited

Projects and 3D printing companies like Ultimaker and Printrbot who share their design files online (1, 2) allow anyone, without having to ask, to think of improvements and actually implement them. Whether it’s a little tweak or something that turns the whole printing experience upside-down is up to you. Joris van Tubergen is someone who does exactly that, on a […]

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3DShare: Sharing an Open Source license for 3D Printed things and our ToS

At YouMagine we want to help people collaborate, remix and design together online. We want to build the tooling to make it easier for anyone to design, work together and share using 3D printing. We’re not alone on this, there are a lot of fellow travellers who are doing the same or similar things. We’ve […]

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