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Interview with CREAT3D from UK

Most organisations within the 3D print industry offer one product or service, for example 3D printers OR 3D scanners OR 3D print education.  In the United Kingdom however, I found an organisation that provides all of these services and products under one roof: CREAT3D. Curious about the ‘people behind’ this organisation, I decided to talk to two staff members: Sabina Gonzalez-George and Simon Chandler.

YouMagine-member CREAT3D is independent specialist in the UK in desktop 3D printers and 3D scanners. CREAT3D offers high quality desktop 3D printers, handheld 3D scanners and associated consumables and technologies. Customers can explore the products on their website online or in the high street store. And because CREAT3D are independent advisors, it means they can provide informed and impartial buying advice, as well as expert training and aftercare support.

Ronald Scheer together with Sabina Gonzalez-George and Simon Chandler.

Ronald Scheer together with Sabina Gonzalez-George and Simon Chandler.

Why are your services and products a ‘must have’ for Education?

Whilst 3D printing and 3D scanning have developed, they are still new and complex technologies that require a different way of thinking and operating. As such, it is essential for Education customers to feel confident that they are in the right product, for the right purpose, have the full training and ongoing support. That’s what CREAT3D specialize in providing their clients.

How and where did the business start?

CREAT3D began in 2012 when fully assembled desktop 3D printing was just emerging and there were only a handful of manufacturers on the scene. Today the CREAT3D range spans over 20 different 3D printers from a wide range of manufacturers. CREAT3D was the first to open a 3D printing store outside of London in the UK.

CREAT3D developed from a fascination of the technology by its Founders, combined with a commercial awareness of the positive impact that the application of the desktop technology could have on businesses and in education.

What are your plans for the near future?

In the coming year, CREAT3D will continue to work with its educational clients, providing support and advice on how best to maximize 3D printing and scanning at this level. In addition, CREAT3D will be working with a number of suppliers in providing educationally focused literature, lesson plans and activities to develop students’ skills in the technologies.

How to contact Creat3D?

1: Go online to:

2; Send a tweet @CREAT3D

3: Or visit their ‘brick-and-morter shop’ shop at:
38C Church Street,
West Berkshire
United Kingdom