Shared on YouMagine – Wireframe Skull Pencil Holder (For The Love of Dog) by philnelson

Wireframe Skull Pencil Holder For The Love of Dog by philnelson

This hollow skull model has passed through so many iterations, designers, and purposes, but this version caught our eye from philnelson, who renders this historic archeological skull model in a pleasing gridded mesh — as a pencil holder.

What particularly stood out was how well the gridded cage presents the contours of the form, the pattern and density of the mesh suggesting finer details than those actually present in the source model from garygeo, remixed from macouno, derived from… scanned by … dug up by … you get the picture. 😉

Whether a well-tuned transformation process, or just luck with a well-ordered underlying geometry, the results here beats out “default settings” Voronoi exports you see frequently in desktop 3D printing. And soon, a print of this model will be on my desk!

Shared On YouMagineWireframe Skull Pencil Holder (For The Love of Dog) by philnelson:

A remix of the excellent little skull vase by garygeo. Made by @philnelson of

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