3D Printing News – DUS Architects print micro home

Pasted Image 9 4 16 3 24 PM(Photograph by Ossip)

Pasted Image 9 4 16 3 50 PMDUS Architects in Amsterdam has created a tiny gabled urban cabin that is a mere 25 cubic metres (882.87 cubic feet) using FDM technology. They are allowing guests to spend the night to experience what life in a micro 3d printed home might be like. There is no toilet but you can take a bath outside au natural. Concrete set into the infill gives it strength and forms a seat on certain locations while pebbles in the infill outside form a path.
(Bathtub photo by Sophia van den Hoek)

A window punctures one end, while the other integrates both an entrance and a stepped porch seating area. Its walls are patterned with angular protrusions that create a three-dimensional surface, giving the building extra structural stability.

It really is further insight into the groups design sensibility that is part of major project that launched in 2013, to be complete next year, a four story 3D printed canal house. They use the KamerMaker (Dutch for “room maker”) and KamerMaker2, a “XXL 3D Printer” 3.5 meters high and housed in an up-ended shipping container to produce the large pieces. They use bio-plastics on all pieces and say it is a part of a future ecosystem that allows full recycling of the material.

This micro home isn’t the first time DUS has exposed their designs to the public, they also unveiled a beautifully printed facade for a European Union meeting building, as seen below.

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(via de zeen magazine)