3D Printing News – Non-planar FDM

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Printing in 3 dimensions
Non-planar FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) describes a printing process where layers are not deposited in uniform layers but rather in smooth, curved layers that allow creating smooth curved surfaces or features instead of the characteristic start-stepping from current FDM processes. Read more about the author’s tests for smooth, curved-surfaces, strength of such parts, structured surfaces and his hands-on tests that you can try for yourself. His method involves post-processing gcode via Slic3r. (Read Full Article via Hackaday)

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We’ve seen experiments like this before from Joris who also post-processed gcode to produce beautiful structures and cups with curved tops. See his uploads to YouMagine and a sample video of one of these pieces being printed below.

Printing in 3 dimensions, finally…
Printing in 3 dimensions, part 2…