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Shared On YouMagine — Simple Camera Slider by Daniel Norée

Simple Camera Slider by Daniel Norée

Daniel Norée, instigator behind the popular OpenR/C Project, shared a down-and-dirty camera slider that is outfitted with pockets for Lego motor mounts for LEGO Mindstorm camera automation!

Shared On YouMagineSimple Camera Slider by Daniel Norée:

I needed a simple camera slider and so I made one. This is basically a quick´n dirty design done in Fusion 360. I´m sure there are tons of designs out there that are a lot better! Anyway, it designed for bronze bushings 16x10x16mm on two 10mm axles. The bushings will snap into place on the camera carriage and I use it like that. It´s possible to secure them using zip ties as well… I also made a pocket to fit a Lego motor to fit in the side brackets for motorized motion of the camera.

Simple Camera Slider by Daniel Norée Detail 1

Simple Camera Slider by Daniel Norée Detail 2

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Shared on YouMagine – Cell holder for walking stick and Selfie Stick by Delaware

Cell holder for walking stick and Selfie Stick

Handy smartphone mounting project from Delaware makes efficient use of the walking stick’s shaft for positioning the smartphone and the base of the grip for locking the phone in a rigid upright position. From smartphone photography (including using an intervalometer app for capturing the story of a hike at a regular interval) to GPS and topographic map resources, this simple solution offers a range of new capabilities to the designer’s at-hand elements.

Shared on YouMagine – Cell holder for walking stick and Selfie Stick by Delaware.

Cell holder for walking stick and Selfie Stick by Delaware DETAIL 1

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3D Printing News – How to turn the ordinary FDM 3D prints into ‘ works of art

Materia scupltures

In today’s post-processing article we see how Artists Explore Art with 3D Printing. Some the most beautiful pieces produced are what Pussykrew produces. Pussykrew, an interdisciplinary duo, creates multimedia installations, 3D imagery, videos and 3D printed sculptures that normally take on a glossy, holographic, highly rendered surface quality. Read their Instructable here on how they mimic in real life what they have produced digitally. I think you will agree it is a wonderful finish that you can now try.

See more of their work on their blog and stay up to date with their latest on their Facebook page.

Below is a bonus music video they produced that illustrates their characteristic style.

3D Printing News – Finishing and Post-Processing Your 3D Printed Objects

Friction welding

“Friction-weld, rivet, sand, paint — arm yourself with simple tools and techniques to take your 3D prints to the next level.”

Continuing with our recent posts about post-processing we refer back to this 2013 article from MAKE Magazine Volume 34, our own Matt Griffin shares some of the tools, materials, and techniques that will take the first step of outputting a raw 3d print to a fully realized finished model. Add friction-welding and printed rivets and hinges to your toolbox and be ready for your next project.

Read the full article here

Shared On YouMagine – Pi noIR Case with Spotlights and extensions by Matt

Pi noIR Case with Spotlights and extensions by Matt

Physicist and maker Matt “Arcmatt” has been contributing a suite of helpful add-ons for his Printrbot Simple Metal, (including this gorgeous electronics enclosure). Many of these projects are perfect for any desktop printer — especially this one!

Shared on YouMaginePi noIR Case with Spotlights and extensions by Matt:

Similar to my Pi noIR Case, even uses some of the same parts, but includes openings for IR LED reflector/holders that I got from Adafruit. Also, extensions to position the camera, can print multiples to get the configuration needed….

Pi noIR Case with Spotlights and extensions by Matt detail 1

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3D Printing News – Painting & Finishing 3D Printed Models

The very popular 3D Printing Nerd AKA Joel Telling partners up with Bill Doran, from Punished Props, to show how to properly sand, prime, paint, and weather a Harry Potter Elder Wand print. Be sure to watch all 42:09 minutes of this goldmine of information to find out the valuable tips and tricks used to turn your prints into stunning finished models.

Bill Doran’s book Foamsmith and Foamsmith 2:

The Elder Wand by jakereeves on Thingiverse:

When your done watching be sure to head over to Punish Props to watch Bill and Joel do some tests on different types of 3D printing filament to see which is best for prop making.

Amulet of Talos Video

Oxidizing Solutions:
Sculpt Nouveau
Sophisticated Finishes

Filaments Tested:
ColorFabb copperFill

Z-Ultrat Filament

Makergeeks PLA Filament…

Matterhackers ABS