Shared On YouMagine – Lampshade by Rudy Hermus

Lampshade by Rudy Hermus

Simple, elegant lampshade project takes full advantage of the layering process of additive manufacturing. Print in CPE or PLA translucent colors (for a LED or compact fluorescent bulb, don’t use a hot bulb!), and experiment with nozzle widths to change behavior of diffusion and hardiness of the lampshade.

The designer Rudy Hermus included the Blender design file should you want to tweak or repeat this project with another 2D base polygon.

Lampshade by Rudy Hermus:

“A twisted square design lampshade for a lamp socket of up to 30 mm.”

Also check out another simple lamp created in Cinema 4D below: 3D-printable lampshade for standard light fixture by CreativeTools

3D-printable lampshade for standard light fixture

Visit this design on!

Visit this design on!