Shared on YouMagine – Geeky 8-Bit Character Rubber Stamps by Carlos Velez Barreto

Geeky 8bit character Rubber Stamps

Combine hard plastic printed handle and platen, and slip on a flexible TPU printed stamp plate to produce your own custom rubber stamps. Use the set of fun 8-bit art shared by this Etsy design store from San Juan, Puerto Rico, or follow their instructions how to design your own!

Shared on YouMagine: Geeky 8bit character Rubber Stamps by Carlos Velez Barreto:

I bring you the 3D printed, 8bit character, rubber stamps! With included 3D printed handle. These stamps are quite big at 55.7mmx55.7mm (2.2inx2.2in). We have designed the stamps in such a way that you can have one stamp handle and change the rubber stamp design to the one you like. Great for scrapbooking, letters, personal messages or just for fun! Let me know in the comments section if you like the designs and want to see more stamps of different characters and or symbols.

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Handle and Stamp Plate

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