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Shared On YouMagine – Tetrominoes (Tetris Pieces) by Brad Vaughan

Tetrominoes Tetris Pieces by Brad Vaughan

Brad Vaughan designed a set of tetromino blocks and trays, including a larger kid friendly set. (Get them addicted to Tetris-objects early!) But as he warns: “No guarantees on that though. Kids will be kids.”

Shared On YouMagineTetrominoes (Tetris Pieces) by Brad Vaughan:

Obviously what this world needs is MORE tetromino designs. This includes 2 different sizes, including a [potentially] baby safe 40mm version…. There’s even a holder for the smaller 10mm design that holds a ‘complete set’ of 2 of each design.

Below are the images he used to plan the two trays — two of the tiling solutions for the pattern of shapes. From

5×8 rectangle

5×8 rectangle

4×10 rectangle

4×10 rectangle

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Shared on YouMagine – Cable Reel by shinytoaster

Cable Reel by shinytoaster

Handy cable reel design brings the spirit of your 3D filament spools to your workshop or workstation.

Shared on YouMagineCable Reel by shinytoaster:

“You can extend / retract by turning one part against the other. Make sure the cable is not tightly wound to reduce fatigue on the conductors in the cable.”

Cable Reel by shinytoaster Detail 02

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Shared On YouMagine – Battery-powererd Bluetooth Audio Amplifier by Thomas Sanladerer

Battery powererd Bluetooth Audio Amplifier packs a punch

Thomas Sanladerer has created this awesome small wireless amplifier that runs up to 65 hours on the Sony NP-F compatible battery!

Shared On YouMagine – Battery-powererd Bluetooth Audio Amplifier by Thomas Sanladerer: “This efficient amplifier box is powered by the common Sony NP-F compatible LiIon batteries and pumps out 15W of audio goodness to each of the two stereo speakers! Connect with any Bluetooth-enabled device and you’ll be ready for literally days of music playback from a single battery.”



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Shared On YouMagine – Stirling Engine by Alain Ducros

Stirling Engine by Alain Ducro

Alain Ducros has been sharing a couple of approaches to 3D printed Stirling Engines (check out his “Kit 1” version here) and this one is handy in that it can easily be dimensioned to suit the food containers that you select for the boiler cylinder.

Shared On YouMagineStirling Engine by Alain Ducros:

“Engine Stirling Gamma – KIT2 – The presented kit allows one to create a playful Stirling Engine in the spirit of a Lego construction set — working from printed parts, recycling classic food boxes, and a few off-the-shelf components….”

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Shared On YouMagine – Conservation of energy / Circular motion by Keller Andre

Conservation of energy Circular motion by Keller Andre

Keller Andre from Switzerland has been sharing a series of interesting 3D printed physics experiments for students. The way they are produced and how they can be presented make them tangible, physical “infographics” as well, each constituent part clearly enough to also inspire ways to adapt the components to explore other fundamental principles of physics.

Shared On YouMagineConservation of energy / Circular motion by Keller Andre:

Task: Calculate the angle Phi, wherein the mass m2 just raises the mass m1. 1.) m1 = 200 g, m2 = 100g 2.) m1 = 300 g, m2 = 100g Solution: At a ratio of 2: 1 it is at 60 °, at 3: 1, it is at 90 ° The calculation is quite demanding for the students and can be checked on the model….

Detail 03

Detail 04

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Shared On YouMagine – 3D Printed Loom by XYZWorkshop

3D Printed Loom by XYZWorkshop

An excellent print-to-learn project from the XYZWorkshop team, exploring how traditional wooden looms function. And while it is a work in progress, it appears to be going really well!

3D Printed Loom by XYZWorkshop:

…inspired by our recent visit to RMIT Fashion and Textiles University in Melbourne and seeing all those wooden looms we made a 3dprinted, modular, expandable loom.

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Watch YouMagine for the Ultimaker Gumball Challenge pieces from Maker Faire Bay Area 2016!

Dragon Climber Toy

Keep your eyes peeled for a slew of new chibi designs popping up on YouMagine over the weekend.

The Ultimaker team invited four schools to participate in the Ultimaker Gumball Challenge.

  • River Bend Middle School, Virginia
  • Saint Ann’s School, New York
  • Comstock High School, Michigan
  • Advanced Learning Center, Utah

Each school was sent 1000 gumball capsules and some 3D-printing filament. Students designed and printed the models and decorated their machines.

All of the money collected in these machines will be donated to support STEM initiatives at the schools, and whichever school sells the most prints will also win an Ultimaker 2+ 3D printer!

Toy Catapult for Maker Faire

You Can Play Along From Home!

This Gumball Challenge joins a bold lineage of fun projects making use of dime store toy dispensers in combination with 3D printing, in particular starting with The Incredible 3D Printing Gumball Gallery art project from DesignMakeTeach who helped to shape this challenge and drew one of his local classrooms into the mix.

We hope that readers and Maker Faire Bay Area attendees both will go home inspired to try challenges like this with their own classrooms and communities!

Here’s the core challenge: “What original 3D printed designs could you create to fit inside a tiny two inch (five centimeter) gumball capsule?”

Want to encourage creativity and teach those new to 3D printing about design constraints? By placing a constraint on size, you encourage creativity and to problem solving. Challenge participants to design whatever they want, or choose a theme.

3 piece puzzle toy

More Gumball Capsules to Come!

Continue to check back for the designs labeled “gumball” on YouMagine in the coming weeks to see all of the student designs, and read more at:

Designs by comstockps on YouMagine

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Shared On YouMagine – Lampshade by Rudy Hermus

Lampshade by Rudy Hermus

Simple, elegant lampshade project takes full advantage of the layering process of additive manufacturing. Print in CPE or PLA translucent colors (for a LED or compact fluorescent bulb, don’t use a hot bulb!), and experiment with nozzle widths to change behavior of diffusion and hardiness of the lampshade.

The designer Rudy Hermus included the Blender design file should you want to tweak or repeat this project with another 2D base polygon.

Lampshade by Rudy Hermus:

“A twisted square design lampshade for a lamp socket of up to 30 mm.”

Also check out another simple lamp created in Cinema 4D below: 3D-printable lampshade for standard light fixture by CreativeTools

3D-printable lampshade for standard light fixture

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Shared On YouMagine – Cube Puzzle Quartet by mathgrrl

Cube Puzzle Quartet by mathgrrl YouMagine ?

mathgrrl will be sharing a series of classic cube puzzles with the Ultimaker team at Maker Faire Bay Area in the San Francisco area this weekend — and check out her description on YouMagine for a few points of inspiration for why you might want to tackle this sort of design challenge yourself or with a class of students. (We shared a few of them below.)

Cube Puzzle Quartet by mathgrrl:

Have students use their favorite 3D design software to create their own Cube Puzzles. This project can be adapted for many different educational subject areas and at a variety of levels:

Beginner: Use Tinkercad or Morphi to place boxes together to construct puzzle pieces that fit together into a 3x3x3 cube. How do you know they will all fit together into the cube? Print out your puzzle and have fellow students try it out to rate its difficulty.

Intermediate: Use Blender, Fusion 360, or AutoCAD to create puzzle pieces, and use fillets and offsets so that the pieces are pleasant to hold and fit together nicely. Create a container box that will hold the assembled Cube Puzzle. Who can make the most difficult puzzle? …

Advanced: Use the software BurrTools to construct a Cube Puzzle, analyze it for constructability, and test how many solutions it has. Can you find a new 3x3x3 Cube puzzles that has only one solution? You can also try your hand at more advanced puzzles like interlocking Burr Puzzles or puzzles with unit shapes other than cubes….

Read more.

Cube Puzzle Quartet by mathgrrl 2 YouMagine