Woof Woof get a BeagleBone case on YouMagine & 3Dhubs


BB-BBLK-000 BeagleBone is a low-power open-source hardware computer that you can use for projects and prototyping. You can get one over at Beagle Board. The board case is around $60 and has an ARM Cortex processor on it. The guys at 3DHubs want to let anyone 3D print a case for this board so they can use it for their projects. Helder Santos made a tutorial showing you how to design your case. We asked him to answer some questions on how he made his design.  You can download and play with the wonderful case design here on YouMagine

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What is the most inspiring thing you’ve seen someone make with a Beagle Bone? 

For me that would be the http://beagleboard.org/project/openrov which is EPIC!

How did you make your case? 
The Case was model with McNeel Rhino 5.0, a NURBS based CAD program, very versatile and  perfect for digital fabrication. The idea started with the need of creating a protective case with an integrated breadboard. This way users could easily take with them a sort of minilab and prototype there circuits wherever they wanted.  The concept is very simple. The case has to half that open like a book . Once opened,  you will have the Beaglebone Black and the Breadboard side-by-side and ready to use. Another interesting feature is the small compartment inside the case designed to transport small components.

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Are there specific printer settings or design considerations that people should take into account?
The case design was optimized for the best printing quality on FDM printers and it is support free. This way, it will be easy to print in most of the printers available on the market today.
I recommend this printing settings:
Layer Height: 150 Micron
Shell Thickness: 0.8 mm
Printing Speed: 30-40 mm/s
Infill: 100%
Supports: No
Heated Bed: Yes