3D Printed Musical Instruments on YouMagine

People make a wide range of things with 3D printing and share them on YouMagine. A category that is perhaps a bit unexpected is 3D printed musical instruments. Below are some fun things to be found on the site that you can print.

This 3D printed mouth harp is a modern take on a very ancient musical instrument. Also called a Gogona, Dan Moi or a Kouxian.

Jeff Hertzberg who is a violinist made this violin mute that can also be used for other stringed instruments. His mute design comes complete with an OpenSCAD file so you can adapt it easily for other instruments.

Stringed instrument mute

Stringed instrument mute.

Cymon has made a number of playable recorders, including a tree recorder.

Michael Bourque made a 3D Printed Güiro, which is a Mexican percussion instrument.

Mexican Instrument

Ed made a base drum pedal stopper showing us that you can repair musical instruments as well using 3D printing. He also made holders for drumsticks.

I really love Caitlin‘s Trumpet adaptive device that lets kids with a missing hand play the trumpet.

Prosthetic hand to let one play the trumpet.

Prosthetic hand to let one play the trumpet.

David Perry at OpenFabPDX made the F F F Fiddle an electric playable fiddle.

Shapespear made a really nice looking playable electric guitar.