Updates and improvements to YouMagine

Today we migrated to new servers in order to improve our response time for you.



You can now also add videos to your designs to show how your uploaded project works and what it does. We hope that this will especially help those who are making more complex items. We also hope that people will upload build videos to show how things are to be assembled if they require assembly.

We changed the design of our Terms of Service to make them more readable.

Our Notice and Takedown procedure has also become prettier and more readable.

We updated a number of security procedures and security updates to make the site safer to use.

We updated to a new version of Rails.

There was a bug whereby the thumbnails were not displayed next to the search results, this was fixed. We improved the search to show more recent designs.

If a community member ends up on the 404 page then we now display a search window so they can directly search for what they are looking for.

People can now make longer abstracts of their designs and edit them.

We’re working hard to improve the site further, email joris at youmagine.com should you have any feedback, ideas or improvements.