3DSlash integrates with YouMagine

We’re proud to announce that 3DSlash has integrated with YouMagine. 3DSlash is an easy 3D modeling application that lets you build by adding or destroying blocks. 3DSlash is fun and a great way to quickly make things or adapt STL files. You can import an STL to it and quickly adapt it by adding blocks, removing them or by removing many blocks.  3DSlash a browser based 3D modeling tool

3DSlash a browser based 3D modeling tool & also a downloadable application with more features. You can select several different tools that can remove a single cube, remove slices of cubes, add lines of cubes or drill out an area. In the application version you can also fill, fuse, push, pull and extrude. Both versions are free and you can use or download them here.

You can now save your 3DSlash design on YouMagine and upload them to share them with the YouMagine community. Your designs will initially be in their “unpublished” state and you can decide to publish them.

Here is a tutorial showing you the basics of 3DSlash.

With 3DSlash you can also import a picture, make it the right size and then create an object that is also the right size. The tutorial below shows you how to make an iPad stand. We think it is a wonderful tool and can’t wait to see how everyone uses it!