3D Printed Robots on YouMagine

In addition to Scrufie the adorable obstacle avoidance bot & the ELF AR Drone there are lots of other cool robots on YouMagine. Below we have a selection for you.

AFJay's Robot Chassis

AFJay’s Robot Chassis

Community Member AFJay made a low cost robot chassis in Blender. “This design seeks to minimize the parts count of a 3D printed robot chassis. All of the hardware for the chassis costs less than $10.”

3D Printed ROV Tether floats

3D Printed ROV Tether floats

AndrewThaler made tether floats for the OpenROV, a project to make an open source under water vehicle. These printed floats help keep your ROV’s tether clear from the sea floor.

Branez made Geometridae an interesting robot that pushes itself along.

3D printed MiniSkyBot wheels

3D printed MiniSkyBot wheels

Robotics researcher ObiJuan made wheels for the MiniSkyBot robot.

QueMeMojo is a lovely little bot that detects water.

pan tilt bot

Pan Tilt bot

Aleks made 3D printed pan tilt brackets for the Pololu Sumo Chassis.