New release at YouMagine

Our developers Wilco & Martijn continue to improve YouMagine according to your feedback. They’ve made some small bugfixes and design tweaks. Please do keep your feedback and suggestions coming. Additionally YouMagine has been improved so that:

  • When you hover and hold your mouse cursor over a design, more images will appear.
  • The counting of Favorites has now been improved, it will now show how many times a design has been favorited.
  • You can now change and delete an “I printed this design” image.
  • The RSS feed now includes Images (thank you Lawrence for the suggestion!)
  • The site search has been improved.
  • Increased the stability and performance of YouMagine.
  • The site now loads faster and feels more responsive.
  • The images are now “vanity loaded”: the page is loaded first and then visible images are loaded. After that other images are preloaded.
  • We now have breadcrumbs on the top of the page so you can easily navigate through the site.
    Pic Unrelated

    Pic Unrelated

    Creative Commons Attribution by Ben Sale, image of a Rosy Footman (Miltochrista miniata) moth.