Interview with YouMagine user Bert-Jan Walker

YouMagine user Bert-Jan Walker has many designs on YouMagine. One of them is a very popular design that more than a thousand people have downloaded: the 3mm filament clip. Bert-Jan works as an independent 3D designer and he is a 3D print consultant with his own company IntoFocus.

Sharing detailed instructions
Bert-Jan shares his designs on YouMagine and he recently published a video on YouTube, about Home Improvement with an Ikea Kvartal wall spacer. This video contains detailed instructions about how Bert-Jan made the drawings for the custom-fit wall spacer. The result of his design process is uploaded to YouMagine. Recently, Bert-Jan visited YouMagine HQ in Geldermalsen, where I interviewed him. Good reasons to publish a blog post about Bert-Jan.

About the 3D intoFocus 3DHub
The IntoFocus 3DHub was founded in February 2014 by Bert-Jan Walker after the purchase of his Ultimaker 2. After the first successful prints of designs found on YouMagine Bert-Jan started to make and share his own designs. Bert-Jan uses communities like 3DHubs and YouMagine to share his designs, Bert-Jan now shares experiences, knowledge and designs with other Hubs and printing enthusiasts.

High print quality
The mission of 3D intoFocus 3DHub is to bring 3D printing within everybody’s reach by offering competitive priced 3D-printing services at the highest quality available in the prosumer 3D printing market. Most of his customers are very satisfied and many customers place follow-up orders. With his print quality Bert-Jan has earned several badges from 3DHubs, like the Fairphone certification & the Ultimaker badge.

From Concept to 3D Printed reality
With the in-depth knowledge of 3D printing, solid modelling and consulting skills Bert-Jan offers customers a unique service by not only printing the 3D object (found on for example YouMagine), but Bert-Jan also assists customers in the process of visualizing and transferring their ideas into ‘printable’ 3D models used for prototyping purposes.

You can contact Bert-Jan Walker from intoFocus on 3DHubs or via his YouMagine-account.