ICT Talent Development Program with a focus on 3D Printing

In Amsterdam, an interesting education project called ‘ICT in the Clouds’, is producing very interesting results. This project (that started in 2013) is an ICT talent development program, for students in secondary schools (age 12 till 18 years). Some of the project partners are:

  • IBM,
  • KLM,
  • Cisco and
  • VU University Amsterdam.

One of the participating schools is Montessori group Amsterdam with a computer room full of interesting learning materials like Oculus Rift, an official First Lego League table, 3D printers, PCs and a Smart Board. I was invited to participate in a project meeting, where students and teachers cooperate on projects with a focus on topics like:

  • Robotics,
  • App-development,
  • Serious Gaming and
  • 3D Printing.
Montessori Amsterdam

Left to right: Robert Iepsma, Maurits van Bellen, Hakan Akkas, Marc Souwer, Eelco Dijkstra, Renee Witsenburg, Ronald Scheer and Laura van der Lubbe.

  • Maurits van Bellen and Robert Iepsma have been working for the ICT in de Wolken project for over two years, to assist students during class and develop new study programs.
    Maurits and Robert are Master Artificial Intelligence students.
  • Hakan Akkes is teacher in this project.
  • Mark Souwer is co-founder of the project, together with Martin Rodermans (not in picture) and Ferd Stouten (not in picture).
  • Eelco Dijkstra is an advisor to the Montessorischool-board and project leader of ‘ICT in the Clouds’.
  • Renee Witsenburg is project assistant, she studies Computer Science at University of Applied Sciences of Amsterdam and she likes to develop teaching materials for this project, aimed at secondary level students.
  • Laura van der Lubbe also works on this project to help students and she is YouMagine member!

I interviewed her about this project, her work and her education, and this is what Laura told me. ”My name is Laura, I am a 3rd year Lifestyle Informatics student at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. This study is closely related to Artificial Intelligence. We study the way we can support people in their daily life with the help of technology. During my 2nd year I was asked to follow the Honours track. Which is an extra track for talented students on top of your normal study-load that gives you the opportunity to broaden and deepen your knowledge. For this track I did a project about 3D printing in education.

In my first project I studied the possibilities of 3D-printing in education. A second project resulted in a framework for a project that schools can do around 3D printing and creativity.

Education has always had my interest and because of my Honours project I decided I really wanted to work in the 3D Printing field. At the project ‘ICT in de wolken’ (best translate to “ICT in the Clouds”) I became a student-assistant and currently I am involved in an internship at a high school to see whether I want to become a 3D Print & Design teacher or do something else related to 3D Printing education.”