New Improvements to YouMagine

Dear Community,

We’re continuing to improve YouMagine for you based on your feedback. We are sorry to have to report that over the past weeks we had two uptime issues relating to our server architecture. This problem should be resolved shortly and we’re sorry to have been unavailable for some of our Community. On the upside we’ve improved the overall performance of the site. YouMagine is now faster than before. File upload is now also quicker and more stable. We’ve also upgraded to Rails 4 and fixed some bugs across the site. One of the most requested improvements was to fix the aspect ratio of the images. We’ve improved this so the images are no longer cropped on the design pages. We hope that you enjoy the changes and really would like to have your feedback on further improvements!

2 thoughts on “New Improvements to YouMagine

  1. Murat

    Hi Joris,

    I have successfully uploaded designs before, but I am no longer able to. There seems to be a size limit imposed on files, or some other problem; the look like they upload fine, the progress bar goes gradually to 100%, then turns red and the file doesn’t show up in the gallery. For my last design, I was only able to upload 1 or 2 STLs, even after repeated attempts. Same with photos, they look as if they upload, then the bar turns red.

    I would appreciate a quick solution.

    Best regards,


    1. Joris Peels Post author

      Murat, Thats very strange. Could you send me the file to joris (at) so I can check it out?

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