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Kideville at the BETTSHOW

Kideville is a project by Kidesign that lets kids build and 3D print a model city.  To introduce a new version of their interactive and fun educational project, Dejan Mitrovic & Alberto Rizzoli we’re at the Bettshow the leading trade show for technology & education.  Kideville are YouMagine community members and Ronald, who heads up YouMagine’s education efforts caught up with them to see how they were doing and how they wanted to help kids learn through 3D printing.  Below Ronald’s report:

“In London at the Bettshow, I had a nice conversation with Dejan Mitrovic and Albetro Rizzoli about their company Kideville. Their aim is to help educators to teach Design & Technology in innovative ways, through CAD and 3D Printing. Their first “full curriculum kit” Kideville that was launched at BETT London, helps schools that buy 3D Printers but lack relevant projects and curriculums to integrate into their lessons. Dejan and Alberto started out in 2010 by running educational design workshops and that developed into a company that specialises in curriculum materials and games for 3D printing design. Kideville is a city design project for a whole classroom that takes the children through a full design process and gamifies the experience through various missions, tasks and exercises around building their island, populating it and creating all the necessary buildings for it. Getting students to use computers in more creative ways and connecting their own digital designs with the real world through 3D printing is Kideville’s goal. The design on Youmagine can be used with the game that Kideville launched at BETT in London.

The KideVille team with Ronald in the middle.

The KideVille team with Ronald in the middle.

In the picture: on my left hand side: Dejan Mitrovic. On my right hand side: Alberto Rizzoli.
Dejan Mitrovic is a London-based design entrepreneur from Belgrade, Serbia.
Dejan also works as a tutor in design enterprise at the Royal College of Art, Ravensbourne College and Imperial College London. Alberto is the sales manager at Kidesign. In front of us: the boardgame with some 3D printed parts.


New Improvements to YouMagine

Dear Community,

We’re continuing to improve YouMagine for you based on your feedback. We are sorry to have to report that over the past weeks we had two uptime issues relating to our server architecture. This problem should be resolved shortly and we’re sorry to have been unavailable for some of our Community. On the upside we’ve improved the overall performance of the site. YouMagine is now faster than before. File upload is now also quicker and more stable. We’ve also upgraded to Rails 4 and fixed some bugs across the site. One of the most requested improvements was to fix the aspect ratio of the images. We’ve improved this so the images are no longer cropped on the design pages. We hope that you enjoy the changes and really would like to have your feedback on further improvements!

Team Rembrandts uses 3D printing for the FIRST Robotics Competition

Team Rembrandts

Team Rembrandts

The FIRST Robotics Competition is a fun way for kids to compete while learning about robotics. The competitions are organized all over and we’re huge fans. We came into contact with Team Rembrandts and decided to support them by giving them filament and lending them 3D printers. Team Rembrandts is a team made up of students from the Fontys University, Summa College, TU/e and the Ubbo Emmius. The team is a part of the YouMagine community and has shared a Micro Robotics Arm & The Recycle Rush Game elements with us. They had a kick off event and below they describe it in their own words:

“Last weekend Team Rembrandts organized a Kick Off Event for the FIRST Robotics Competition 2015. The event was held in Lage Mierde, the Netherlands which is also the hometown of our Founder & Chief. During this event the second Dutch FRC team from Groningen were present, including some international mentors.


For this event five Ultimaker 2’s and an Ultimaker Original+ with dual extruder were made available for our use. During the weekend we used them to print robot parts and souvenirs. For example we printed gears for a different project of Team Rembrandts. We also printed a lot of Ultimaker robots and sheep to give away to children and other visitors of our Kick Off Event.

All of the Ultimaker 2’s were printing during the entire weekend, we printed parts for the robot, for private projects of our team members and for the visitors of our Event. We made a 3D scan of a couple of our team members with an Xbox Kinect camera and printed these with one of the Ultimaker 2 printers.


During the Kick Off Event we also learned about the new game of 2015 called “Recycle Rush”. We all watched the livestream of the game reveal. After that we started with brainstorming about our strategy. To aid us in explaining our strategies to each other, we printed the game’s components on 1/20 scale.

Ultimaker will also have some Ultimakers available to us during the build season of our robot for the game “Recycle Rush”. With these printers and our home build 3D printer we can print components and spare parts for our robot. Ultimaker also delivers the PLA filament in multiple colors for the printers they will have available for us.” 

Winner Announced of YouMagine Useful 3D Prints Contest

A ColorFabb Value Pack!

A ColorFabb Value Pack!

After long and careful deliberation we’ve selected a winner for the Useful 3D Prints Contest. The winner is….Martijn de Winter for his Bird Food Dispenser. Martijn will win a Colorfabb Value Pack with 16 rolls of filament in it! We can’t wait to see what he’ll print with it!  We chose Martijn’s design because it was a useful object that was very well documented. Martijn included screenshots of settings & Cura in his upload. He also made a movie showing how to fill the bird feeder. He had photos of the object from different views as well as showing the 3D print and the final object. We also liked that he upcycled a Coke bottle to use it as a bird feeder. Its a lovely object and a useful one and just the kind of thing we like to see on YouMagine. We would like to congratulate Martijn on winning and would like to thank the other Community Members for participating.

printbedscreen overviewshot3dprintedbirdfeeder screenshotcurasettingsadvanced 3dprintofbirdfeeder birdfeeder3dprint

We had lots of other very inspiring designs uploaded for the contest, in no particular order below you can see them. Such as an Ultimaker feeder by iRoberti, a lovely toilet roll holder by UltiArjen, a Honda key housing, a portable fishing rod & pocket ratchet by Cleven, a GoPro extender, the awesome eSherpa, micro mesh pad holder by Marcus Wolschon, Ikea lamps for your 3D printer, a personalized scuba tank gift, a customizable Xbox controller holder, an Ultimaker front panel, an Ultimaker enclosure by Flowalistik, a spool holder for loose filament by Kristoffer Joergenson,  a spool holder by Protpartoia, a a replacement switch for an Ultrasound machine, a stand for shooting off fireworks, Ulticontroller case, a Christmas star by iMake3D, a modular lighting system the Mo(o)dlight, a quick fill and pour attachment by Protosphere, a Japanese style rice paper lamp, a gripper for garden waste by Branez & a photo holder. Thank you all so much for participating!

large_feeder_v4_01 large_picA1  hondakeyhousing microfishingrod goprocounterbalance pocketratchet medium_esherpa5 micromeshpadholder ikeadioderfororiginal scubaprize controllermountxbox large_ultimaker_front_flowalistik_web large_UltiFrontClosingPanel recreusspoolholder ultrasoundswitchreplacement fireworkslaunchpad spoolforloosefilament ulticontrollercase christmasstar large_Modlight1 quickfillandpour japanesericepaperlamp gripperforgardentrash photostand3dprint