Develop a New 3D Printing Technology Challenge

At YouMagine we’re always trying to stimulate new exciting 3D printing developments, objects & inventions. We want to make all the stuff in the world better, shareable and malleable. We’ve decided to give away one Ultimaker Original kit to the person who wins the “Develop a New 3D Printing Technology Challenge.” The idea is for someone to come up with an idea for a new 3D printing technology. They will describe to us how they hope to make this a reality. We will pick the best idea coupled that seems achievable on February 1st. This person or group will then win an Ultimaker that they can use to implement their technology. They will then share their invention with the world through YouMagine.

Ultimaker Original Kit

Ultimaker Original Kit

How do you win?

  • Go to the design ideas section and:
  • Come up with an idea for a new or improved 3D printing technology.
  • So not an incremental improvement to an existing 3D printer or new part.
  • You may want to 3D print glass, electronics, etc.
  • A similar 3D printing process could exist but you could want to perfect or change it.
  • Describe succinctly why you are the person capable of doing this.
  • Tell us how you will do this.
  • You will also describe to us how you plan to make this a reality and within what time frame you hope to achieve this.
  • Groups, classes and organizations may submit ideas and win also
  • The winner will be chosen on the 1st of February by the YouMagine team.

Rules for the winner:

  • The winner could use the Ultimaker Original kit to implement the technology.
  • The winner will document their development process.
  • The winner will share their success or failure with us so we can all learn.
  • The winner will share their invention with the world through an open source license of their choice via YouMagine.
  • The winner will have a deadline to show their progress to the YouMagine community by June 1st.