YouMagine ToS online

Today we’ve put our Terms of Service online. This is part of our Share3D project to create infrastructure for the 3D Printing community as a whole. We want to let people share more things online. We want to help them work together on creating technology & improving it. We think that the future will be one of networked decentralized innovation and as YouMagine we are building the plumbing for this future. We want to connect all the ideas to all the people who want things made from those ideas. We know that there is a community of companies and individuals working on parts of this same goal. We want to help them be they fellow travelers or competitors. So Share3D aims to give them resources for free that they can use to accelerate their development. We are sharing this ToS with the world under a Creative Commons BY SA license. Please note that we are not a law firm, this does not constitute in any way legal advice and we make no warranty in connection with this ToS. You can download or peruse our ToS here. Conceptually our ToS is very much pro user and made with a general interest in sharing.

The human readable version:

  • We do not expect you to transfer your rights in your contribution to us
  • Please respect that the platform itself remains our property
  • We reserve the right to remove your contribution, if we believe that is necessary
  • You should keep your username and password to access the platform confidential to avoid unauthorised access
  • We only collect and share your personal data where necessary and will not sell, rent or share it with third parties for commercial reasons
  • Our control over contributions is very  limited so we cannot accept any liability for the uploading, sharing, adapting, validity, legitimacy, 3D printing etc. of these contributions
  • Please use our notice-and-takedown procedure if you believe a user of our platform infringes your rights.

We hope you enjoy our ToS. Unhappy with a portion of it? Contact joris (at) or comment below and we’ll change it if we can.