Introducing Joe Larson Community Blogger at YouMagine

Joe Larson's recorder, the musical instrument, red on top of a 3D printer

Joe Larson’s recorder

Cymon aka Joe Larson is a helpful and inspiring YouMagine Community Member who makes lots of cool & useful designs ranging from a MetaChess board,  peg board hangers, abstract games, a guy Fawkes ring & a musical instrument.  Joe has won awards with his 3D modeling and has written tutorials and guides on Blender and the book 3D Printing Blueprints.  I’m not sure how he has the time because he has a wife and 5 kids and a full time job writing software for a BioTech company. He also has a great blog called Joe’s 3D Workbench where he talks about his explorations in 3D printing. We asked him if he’d love for us to syndicate his work, so we publish the first paragraph or a few lines of a post on his blog and then link to him for further reading. He liked the idea of sharing his work with the YouMagine community. If there are other bloggers who would like to be featured in a similar way please email joris (at) so…without further ado…

Modeling for 3D Printing Tip 4 – Separating a Multi Part-Mesh

What happens when you download a STL that’s actually many pieces, and you only want one or two of them?