Improving YouMagine, new releases

We’ve been listening to your feedback and ideas and incorporating them into YouMagine. If you would wish to have any new features please just email joris (at) and we will look at implementing them. We really do intently listen and try to be as responsive as possible in implementing your suggestions and ideas. We often build features because of direct user requests and encourage you to keep the helpful feedback coming. We’re still growing quickly and hope to expand the functionality of the site considerably. We really want to be the nicest, best & easiest place for you to share and remix your files so please hold us to that standard.


We’re proud to say that Mark Moissette is now part of the YouMagine team as web application engineer! We’ll introduce him to you soon. We’ve reintroduced the UltiViewer, the 3D preview tool for inspecting models. It has been greatly enhanced! It should be more stable and more modular, so we can create extensions and improvements more quickly.

One cool feature that’s coming up is annotations, you can point out specific points on a 3D model and comment on that. Also, you can add measurements between various points on the surface of a model, e.g. to check certain tolerances. Want to show what the thickness of a particular wall is? Annotations are a way to do this.

Improved Search

After releasing the improved search we went on to make it even better! Being able to easily find what you’re looking for is important.

  • The search results will have a better ranking (popularity of items are taken into account).
  • Will also include items with matching tags.
  • It will have typeahead search, during typing you will already see search results appear! You’ll even see little preview images of the items.
  • Search will also become permanently visible in the top navigation bar (in the release after the upcoming one).
  • We fixed several bugs! If you were on page 10 of a design listing, searching for a design resulted in 0 results because it would display page 10 of the results.

Sign in with Google

Register and sign in with a few clicks using your existing Google account!

Alternative versions

  • More formats will now have (3D) and rendered previews!
  • Also, it will automatically create STLs if it’s not already an STL file. We now automatically create STL files when an SCAD, JSCAD, OBJ, DAE, OFF, 3DS or PLY file is uploaded. This means that you don’t need to generate that STL export for your SCAD file, YouMagine will do it for you!
  • We want to promote the uploading of native formats so we intend to start rendering popular formats into STL for you, so you don’t have to add these yourself. We were thinking of STEP as the next one, but we’re unsure how to generate STLs from STEP files, at this moment. If you have any ideas, let us know!
Labyrinth Gift Box by IRobertI

Labyrinth Gift Box by IRobertI

Many fixes and tweaks, among which:

  • For a design that is collected by someone, we’ve fixed that you can’t press the “x” button to delete it from the collection if belongs to someone else (thanks for reporting, @Didier).
  • The unread message counts should be correct now.
  • File type icon sizes were off in some cases.
  • The YouTalk widget will not switch designs as quickly anymore (thanks @Kolia)
  • The “share” buttons on a design’s page should now work again.
  • Zip files weren’t always recreated for an updated design, should now happen.
  • Search results can now also be retrieved in .json format. Great for those who integrate search in an application.
  • Some performance upgrades.
  • Login icons are now bigger in the current release (thanks @Blizz for reporting!).
  • There were some issues with comments and they are now working again in Safari and Firefox. Thank you to Jonnyischof for letting us know this.
  • There were some upload issues that were resolved. Thank you for telling us IRobertI.