New Release of YouMagine

We’ve been getting lots of feedback lately from community members. We really love that you guys are participating and aiding our development. Keep your suggestions and ideas coming! Also, if you have any complaints or find any bugs, please do let us know as well.
You can now see who is following you.

You can now see who is following you.

We’ve done a big new release today that will improve YouMagine.
  • Today will bring a huge performance and speed improvement because of caching, smart reloading and indexing.
  • The site should feel more responsive and faster. 
  • Searching now really finds something. We’ve been very unhappy with our site search and have improved it.
  • You can now search for designs based on their name or description. This is only the first implementation of a faster search, but in the future it will really get much better still.
Improved Search Results on  YouMagine

Improved Search Results on YouMagine

  • The YouMagine site is now responsive on mobile devices. Initially the site would not display well on mobile and we’ve now solved this. 
  • We’ve added “Collections” where you can add designs to a collection, e.g. “Things to print” or “Architectural Things I Find Beautiful. 
  • The “Designer” pages now have nice stats. 
  • You can upload a zip file and choose “Expand” and it will extract the file for you adding its contents as documents. 
  • We’ve also made some layout changes such as to the the footer.
  • We’ve also added a button to upload your documents faster. 
  • You can now see who is following you and keep in touch with them. 
  • You can now on your profile fill in your skill set.
  • We’ve had quite a few complaints about registering with GitHub accounts. This functionality was broken. We’ve fixed it and now logging in with Github & Facebook works again. Sorry about this.
  • You can also resend a confirmation e-mail should you not have received it.
  • Additionally we’ve made some small bug fixes.
Resend confirmation email button

Resend Confirmation Email.

We’re working on improving the site and may be adding to our team soon. We hope you like the improvements! Please do keep giving your feedback, this is important to us.
Being discussed screenshot

Being discussed is clearer we think for users.