Catching up with RepRapBCN at the TCT Show

Many interesting 3D printing projects and events are taking place in Barcelona. Its one of the most happening places in 3D printing. I love what RepRapBCN is doing, they are showing a lot of people the way to as a non profit develop 3D printing and teach people about it. While at the TCT Show I had a chance to catch up with them. I spoke to Xavier Martinez, the CTO of RepRap BCN about Barcelona and their company.

Why is Barcelona such a happening place for 3D printing?

“Because has always been a design city. There are a lot of designer in Barcelona. They tend to want make and show off their designs. Its a consequence of being a design city. We have lots of events relating to industrial design and 3D printing such as Fab 10. There are also lots of new fablabs and initiatives such as this as well.”

RepRapBCN's Delta 3D printer

RepRapBCN’s Delta 3D printer

What is RepRapBCN?

We are a group of people inside a technology center, Fundacion CIM. We’ve making RepRaps since 2011. We started with Prusas. We’ve now made our model in 2012 the BCN 3D Plus based on the Mendel and Prusa. And now we have our delta, BCN 3DR which is our delta machine. We try to show the people in Spain and Barcelona how 3D printing works & then educate them about 3D printing. We help people assemble 3D printers as well and do workshops on 3D printing, design and making.

RepRapBCN Workshop

Is it a company?

The Fundacion is a nonprofit. Everything we earn we spend on improving the workshops and printers.

What do you see as the future for RepRap BCN? 

Our next machine will be a pre-assmbled machine. We feel that there people who need more professional machines but we don’t want to forget our past. We want to make more professional machines but also continue with workshops and entry level machines. We want to also make DLP 3D printers and other machines.