Sharing a ToS and License for 3D printed things. Google Hangout & feedback on ToS

We mentioned that in order to support the sharing of 3D printed things we were working on a ToS and license for 3D printed things. We are not making these for ourselves but rather for the broader 3D printing and IoT communities. We hope that people will give feedback, contribute, help shape and use our ToS and License. We will let you use both for your own platform or service. We’re doing this because we believe that in order to make more things malleable the next logical step is for people to work collaboratively on group projects. We are also seeing many functional objects emerging in the 3D printing space. But, the requisite legal protections and guidelines are not emerging at an equal pace.  Please comment, join the discussion and give any feedback especially if something makes you unhappy or is confusing.

We have posted our concept ToS to Medium. Here you can give comments next to the pertinent section.

On the 10th of September at 19:00 CET  we will be hosting a Meetings IO. My apologies, we had an early scheduled Google Hangout but it did not work and did not let me log in again.

On the call we will be joined by Louwers IP Technology Advocaten  our lawyers and Michael Weinberg of Public Knowledge who will be joining the discussion.