Extend and customize your Ikea furniture using desktop 3D printers

We’ve seen some real high quality 3D prints of items that either use existing Ikea products or repurpose them in some way. In this way Ikea serves as a design an making platform that you can add to or customize. Because Ikea is everywhere many people can use these files to add to their existing Ikea furniture. I think this is a very interesting development and am always surprised as to how many people are now designing for themselves and using Ikea in this way.

Lina & Thomas have made a lovely flower pot holder that fits Ikea plant pots.

Ikea flower pots holder

Anders Olson has made a “Extender for IKEA LOGGA shoe rack to increase clearance to enable robotic vacuum cleaners cleaning under it.” This is a very modern extension of an Ikea design. 




FNS720 has designed a lock that can hook and close the IKEA 800.726.44 hook so it stays snugly on the mounting rack. 

Lock for Ikea hook by FNS720

JohanW has made a cupboard pinhole bar that lets you make additional shelves for several Ikea cupboards.

Ikea Pinhole bar to add shelving to Ikea closets. 3D printed in white.

Ikea Pinhole bar to add shelving to Ikea closets

Dirkels has made hooks so he can hang his Nexus Tablet from his Ikea Svarta bed.

Hooks for Ikea Svarta bed

3D Printed Hooks for Ikea Svarta bed

Lingen uses his “IKEA GALANT cabinet…as my 3D printing workspace. These cabinets come with a mechanism to add a coat hanger on the side. I used this mechanism to attach a small toolbox to store all my 3D printing tools.” 

A black tool box for 3D printing tools you can hang from the side of an Ikea desk.

Ikea Compatible 3D printing tool box.

VanAllesWat did workshops where “Eindhoven Mini Maker Faire visitors made amazing designs for the Ikea Lampan lampshade. Drawing their designs in 2d on a piece of paper an interactive installation transformed their ideas live into a 3d model.”  

A series of 3 colorful Lampan lampshades made by VanAllesWat

Ikea Lampan 3D printed lampshades by Van Alles Wat

Aggertroll made a 3D printed clips that lets you add Dioder LED lights to your 3D printer. Megaduty & TheSeenD also have a set of clips that let you add Dioder lights to your printer.

Ikea Dioder LED clips for 3D printers


Awesomeusername, who indeed has an awesomeusername added a 3D printed mount to the back of his monitor so he can fix a Ikea Tived lamp to his monitor.

A 3D printed attachment that lets you put an Ikea tived lamp on the back of your PC monitor.

Attaching an Ikea Tived lamp to your monitor

Linxer has made a Ikea compatible lampshade.

A white Ikea lampshade with holes in it.

White 3D printed Ikea Lampshade

Ambtsgedicht has made a wall mount so you can attach the Ikea Jansjo lamp to a wall. DaveW has another Jansjo light mount for mounting it to your 3D printer.

Ikea Jansjo wall mount

When Ikea stopped making the Gilbert chair TheSimpleSwitch made new feet for his Gilbert chairs.

Ikea Gilbert chair feet

Devnull decided to extend the Ikea range by offering a Kvartal track coupler that extends a full and half Kwartal track rail by connecting them.

A rack coupler that connects two Ikea Kvartal racks

Rack Coupler for Kvartal rack

Nadar made a headphone holder that fits to the side of his Ikea desk.

3D printed Headphone holder that clamps to the side of Ikea desks

3D printed Headphone holder for the side of Ikea desks

A really awesome design is PeterUithovens Ikea bar holder. He made the design parametric so it can be easily adapted to any closet or any bar.

3D Printed Ikea closet bar holder

JSquaredZ found his existing Ikea bar holder to not be strong enough so made a stronger 3D printed one for his Ikdea Brimnes closet.

White bar holder for Ikea closets

Ikea closet bar holder