Tech update: Improvements to YouMagine R1.2


Last week we enjoyed working on and improving YouMagine. This is what we did:

Carousel working again for latest Chrome (the 3D viewer still broken, working on it!)
Performance upgrades
Extended support for external editors / 3D tools. We started with OpenJSCAD, but more tools will follow. If you upload a .jscad file people will be able to press edit and tinker with or adjust your design:
Some small fixes in the navigation bar
We have added support for the following licences:

  • Creative Commons – Public Domain Dedication
  • Creative Commons – Attribution
  • GNU – LGPL
  • BSD License

Clicking favorite/download will update the counters without a page reload!

Some small bug fixes

We will continue introducing cool new features and performance upgrades so you can do what you do best: Inspire, Create, Share and Make!

In the meantime, if you encounter problems or have suggestions, let us know! We like to hear from you!

Wilco & the rest of the YouMagine team