Tech update: Improvements to YouMagine R1.1


Today we released some new exciting features and fixed some bugs!

We introduced the YouMagine blog! Which you seem to have found! There’s a link in the header:
A cool new header

And now we have a nice large green “Publish” button to publish your cool designs! A cool large publish button!

You can change your profile without entering your password again (yeah, we didn’t like that either)

You can now Follow users and find their designs on the front page!
Follow users

You can now see which followers someone has.

We added nice icons in the tabs on the profile pages: Tabs on the profile page

The favorites of a person are also shown on the Profile page.

Registration now includes a very easy question to make sure you are human (ehhh, the number is 21). Don’t get me wrong, we like robots in general, we just don’t like the spammy types. FYI: for friendly robots, we have the APIs!

There’s now a Top designers section! If you get lots of favorites on most of your designs, that will bring you into the top designer section!

Top designers on YouMagine

We made some speed improvements, more caching and other speed upgrades.

We hope you like our new features and improvements so that we can make your experience on YouMagine the best there is!

We’re also looking for those of you who want to be even more involved. If you’d like to become a beta tester you can do so here:

Username: beta

Password: tester

This will give you access to our beta testing sandbox. You will have to register with a separate account, since it’s a sandbox. Make a new account there in order to test. Please note that the data on gets deleted periodically. On next, you will get to see lots of new features and be able to directly influence the future of YouMagine.

We will continue introducing cool new features and performance upgrades so you can do what you do best: Inspire, Create, Share and Make!

In the meantime, if you encounter problems or have suggestions, let us know! We like to hear from you!

Wilco & the rest of the YouMagine team