Internships at YouMagine. AI & ID Help 3D print the future.

YouMagine is a community that connects people who want to make things together.  We are a catalyst helping to bring about creativity & better 3D printed things. Above all YouMagine is about sharing. Sharing your inspiration, ideas, knowledge, creativity and designs.
Are you passionate about 3D printing, design & open source? Then an internship at YouMagine on the cutting edge of 3D printing & sharing online might be for you.
This is not a “get me a coffee” type of internship. You’ll be project owner of a part of the YouMagine business plan and help this start up achieve its goals. We will coach and manage you and you will get to work with some of the most experienced consumer 3D printing & open source 3D printing people. But, you will have deliverables, goals and will be expected to function as a proactive & productive member of the team.

  • If you are not looking for responsibility & challenges this is not the internship for you.
  • If you want to spend a lot of quality time with the photo copier and have your hand held then this is not the internship for you.
  • If you want to take the plunge and take control of your own project, then you’re the person we’re looking for.    
3D Software Tool Developer, Project Owner “Project EagleView”
We’re looking for a highly motivated, organized capable AI or 3D Software student. You should be in the final stages of your degree. You should be well versed in 3D animation and design. You should have a passion for interactive tools and 3D printing.
Project EagleView is a tool that will add 3D viewing capability to the YouMagine website. You will receive guidance, clear objectives, coaching and advice from the YouMagine team. But, will be expected to carry out this project singlehandedly.
  • Must have EU work authorization.
  • Must speak either English or Dutch fluently. 
  • 3D printing experience is highly desired. 
  • Strong 3D software skills are desired. 
  • Office is in Geldermalsen, Netherlands.
  • We will pay a monthly fee of 500 Euro. 
Industrial Design/Mechanical Engineering/Biomechanical Engineering Internship, YouMagine, 3D Printed Prosthetics Library
e-NABLE is a global community of people working together to bring inexpensive, functional 3D printed prosthetics to the people that need them world wide. This network of volunteers from all over the world are a huge inspiration to us at YouMagine. Because of this we’ve decided to aid them individually and as a company by building tools for e-NABLE and volunteering our time.
One of the projects at YouMagine aimed at accelerating e-NABLE’s development is the establishment of a 3D printed Prosthetics Library. Currently many designers, engineers and 3D Printing people are designing & engineering the same parts again and again. Certain parts such as hinges, joints, springs, valves, threads and armatures could be reused by many different designers, saving e-NABLE time & accelerating its development. By establishing a downloadable open source library for key prosthetic parts we aim to aid e-NABLE. We are looking for a highly motivated & skilled mechanical engineering, Industrial Design or Biomechanical Engineering intern for 6 months to complete this project.
Your tasks are:
  • 3D Print, study, test and understand existing 3D printed prosthetic hands.
  • Engage e-NABLE users of prosthetic hands to ascertain their needs and desires.
  • Engage the e-NABLE community of designers and engineers in order to ascertain design directions, developments and common parts.
  • Identify and prioritize the most common parts.
  • Design, 3D Model, 3D Print and test common parts.
  • Share common parts with the e-NABLE community.
  • Obtain feedback and iterate.
  • Create a functional downloadable open source library of the most common parts for 3D Printed prosthetics.
You will be coached and managed by the YouMagine team but will be responsible for this project.
  • Strong CAD or 3D Modeling skills required.
  • Strong mechanical engineering, industrial design or Bio-mechanical Engineering skills desired.
  • Previous experience with 3D Printing highly desired.
  • Passion for 3D printing, design & helping others through engineering desired.
  • Must have EU work authorization.
  • Must speak English fluently.
  • Office is in Geldermalsen, Netherlands.
  • We will pay a monthly fee of 500 Euro.
How to Apply?
To Apply email joris (at) with your CV, portfolio (if applicable) and a short motivational paragraph explaining why this internship is for you.
10th of September.