Hello World! We are YouMagine

Dear World,

In all your splendor, Hello. We are YouMagine. Pleased to meet you.

We are a community that connects people who want to make things using 3D printing together. We are a focal point fostering, nurturing and helping you turn ideas into things.

We are a tool you can use to get inspired, remix, create, store files, show your work to the world, discover, learn, experiment and make. We are a catalyst helping to bring about creativity & better 3D printed things.

Above all YouMagine is about sharing. Sharing your inspiration, ideas, knowledge, creativity and designs. We are a team of five working from the Netherlands to help making a sharing remixable fluid world where stuff is malleable and ideas flow freely.

We are building the plumbing for a 3D printed world. We are idealists who want to build real tools and infrastructure for the YouMagine community and the wider 3D printing world. You can see us as the bottle opener for a future we don’t yet understand.

One handed 3D printed bottle opener by Kart5A

We work for you. We build what you want us to build. We love feedback, so tell us what is broken. Share your ideas with us. Tell us which direction we should take. We want the community to guide us and debate with us on everything from our goals, Terms of Service, the site, everything.
We are:
  • Wilco & Aike who are building the site.
  • Ronald, who is reaching out to kids & education see how we can get them 3D printing.
  • Erik, who is working on lots of stuff. But more on that in a while…
  • And myself, Joris your Community Manager.  
  • & You of course. 

You can always reach me for ideas, feedback, a call or meeting on joris (at) youmagine.com

Happy 3D Printing!